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Not too long ago, we had an injured car accident victim meet with one standard site of our Langley personal injury lawyers for a free consultation (which we offer you as well).

We asked about good dating sites their injuries, their work situation and how the car accident happened. In a nutshell, they told us it was a rear-end crash that caused a shoulder injury and that ICBC’s final offer to settle their claim was $6,000.

We suggested to hold off accepting the $6,000. Once an ICBC offer is accepted, there’s no going back. Although there were strict deadlines involved (as there are in your case), we noted those deadlines and suggested this person let us investigate the injuries.

What our injury lawyer discovered was astonishing.

After reviewing the medical file, our injury attorney on the case determined that $6,000 was not enough … not by a longshot. We suggested find a wife in russia the client NOT accept the ICBC offer and let us do what we do to persuade ICBC that $6,000 simply was not enough.

How did this case end up?

After scheduling our client with our medical experts, who confirmed that the shoulder injury was significant … much worse than $6,000 worth of compensation, we negotiated a $90,000 settlement.

Who are we?

Our ICBC lawyers have helped thousands of injured clients with ICBC claims. With 5 attorneys, we’re one of the largest injury firms in the Fraser Valley. Our firm grew helping one injured victim at a time.We grew to one of the injury legal teams in Langley because we get results. We find that many clients refer people to us all the time, which is a great testament to our dedication to our clients.