Important ICBC Claim Requirements

A person injures their neck and back in a car accident that’s not their fault. We’ll call that person Sally.

Sally’s doctor suggests massage therapy followed by physiotherapy. Sally attends her treatment expecting all the bills will be paid by ICBC.

Lo and behold, Sally is asked to pay a “user fee” or “visit fee”. She’s angry. Why should she be out-of-pocket for something that’s not her fault? Nevertheless, she reluctantly pays. What else can she do (we get to that below)?

2 months later, still not fully recovered, Sally finishes a physiotherapy treatment and goes to pay. She’s told she owes $45 for the treatment.

“What?” exclaims Sally. That’s twice as much as last time. How can that be?

The receptionist explains that ICBC is no longer paying for treatment.

Sally is dumbfounded because she’s still in pain … but the physio is working because she feels better than she did 1 month ago.

Sally calls the ICBC adjuster. The adjuster confirms that physiotherapy coverage is cut off unless Sally gets a report from her doctor. Even then, getting report won’t guarantee that ICBC will continue paying her physio.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, the above scenario is all-to-common with injured car accident victims in British Columbia.

Here’s where it gets really confusing

First, the law in B.C. states that Sally has the burden to get all the treatment she can and make every effort to get recovered. Yet, she’s left on her own to pay for that treatment.

Second, and this is where we get to the most important aspect of an ICBC injury claim, and that is proving the injuries. This is done through treatment, doctor visits, AND in cases where injuries persist, being assessed and evaluated by medical specialists.

Now, Sally can do most of this on her own, assuming she has plenty of money to pay for all the necessary treatment and the medical specialist appointments. However, the second part of this process is that Sally get all her doctors to write a properly formatted medical report that can be used in Court.

It’s the medical reports Sally’s medical doctors and/or treatment providers write that form the evidence of her claim. Without them, her claim is much, much weaker.

Where do we come in?

Actually, we can help not only with ensuring you have proper medical reports written, but we can help pay for treatment, schedule you with experts and guide you through the entire process. And a process it is, whether the case goes to trial or not.

What can Sally do? What can you do in this situation?

Talk to us about your ICBC injury claim.

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Please note that Sally is a fictional person. Her story is intended to illustrate a common situation during ICBC injury claims.