Marks of a Good Car Accident Lawyer

Lawyer working with clientCar accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in BC. These incidents can be so traumatic that they can cause life-debilitating injuries and severe psychological stress. Car accidents can leave you with crippling injuries, bedridden and ultimately lose your job. You are not only faced with rising medical costs but the prospect of a bleak financial future.

Even if your injuries aren’t debilitating, they can be a real hassle negatively impacting your life.  You may not be able to play the sports you love for a season.  You may have to take some time off work.  You may find going to the movies more pain than it’s worth for 6 months.

The point is that getting hurt is a real hassle.  That’s why in BC you receive compensation for your injuries and financial losses. Obviously financial compensation isn’t perfect and you’d rather not get hurt, but it’s the “currency” so to speak for handling injuries.

The following are a set of standards our personal injury law firm adheres to which marks us as great personal injury lawyers (in our humble opinion):

1.  We doggedly pursue for you the highest compensation possible

It would be ideal if ICBC offered you what meet russian girls your claim is worth every time.  But they don’t.  How do we know?  Because we’ve taken on many cases where clients received an offer from ICBC before hiring us and we managed to increase the offer significantly.

We don’t aim to get quick settlements.  We strive to obtain for you all the compensation you’re entitled to.  We work hard to build your case and persuade ICBC and/or the Court the merits of your claim.

2.  We’re here to help

Not only do we strive to obtain for you all the compensation to which you’re entitled, but we’re here to help.  How?  We help with medical expenses.  We set up private medical examinations.  We can help pay for more treatment.

We also take cases on by contingency so you don’t have to pay our legal fees up front.  Instead, we earn legal fees only when you recover money for your injuries.

3.  We’re advocates.

We like our clients.  We like it that we get to work with people who have real problems that we can help with.  We’re in the people business.  We know this and like it.  Not only are we good at dealing with the law, but we’re also great with our clients.  We do care.

4.  We have a track record

We’ve helped thousands of injured victims handling all kinds of cases.  We take on big and small cases.  We’ve gone to Small Claims Court, Supreme Court and BC Court of Appeal for our clients.  We’ve negotiated thousands of excellent settlements for our clients.  We get results and it’s our aim with every case to recover as much money as possible for each and every client.

5.  We’re negotiators and litigators

Every case involves negotiations.  We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t seek settlements for our clients … as long as the settlements are good.  We know that most clients don’t really want to go to court.  We understand that and work to honour clients’ reluctance to going to court.

However, not all negotiations work out and so once in a while we’re forced to go to court for our clients.

First we negotiate.  If that doesn’t work, we litigate.